Strumpen Haus

  Bart Strumpen glowed with pride the day he was voted chair of the PTA. He crowed to his wife, Tania, about the bottom feeders he’d defeated. ‘Corrupt! Every single one of them. They should be locked up. Not a true American amongst them, yet they think they can run a school. Sad!’ Tania nodded … More Strumpen Haus

The Chess Game

It started small. The nudges against her father’s control, his put downs and criticisms. His expectation she would mould to his will like clay. Olga watched him teach her brother chess. Of course, her father made sure he never won. The pieces click-clacked against the board and her brother glowed under the sun of his … More The Chess Game

The Oracle

The Man He likes to hear the resonance of his voice. In between impassioned speeches, he practises in front of the mirror in the bleached whiteness of his bathroom. The inflection and tone must be right. He stiffens his hair with product, buttons a crisp blue shirt and stands on the corner. His posture is … More The Oracle

The Professor

Her long arm was draped over his chest, and her hair tickled his nose. It was almost midday, and a shaft of bright sunlight beamed through a gap in the curtains. Her index finger traced his bicep. ‘You’re beautifully made. I’m lucky, so lucky you want to be with me. Talented too.’ Her lips brushed … More The Professor