Where it Began

An urgent flurry. Words like a flower crown sit lightly. Or encircle and susurrate, make a fevered clutch in the heart, a rush of fire over the skin. I have this. I am this.   A fall into interior depths, loveless arterial passage, where sustenance is absent. Hedge maze of unanswered questions leading to where … More Where it Began

Book Review — The Dangerous Bride by Lee Kofman

There are multiple layers to this book — it drew me in on so many levels. The author uses her own history to ask questions about love, relationships, monogamy and hidden desires. She bravely questions — why is monogamy seen as the most acceptable way to conduct a relationship, and what would happen if we … More Book Review — The Dangerous Bride by Lee Kofman

Freedom’s night

Freedom’s night pulses with crowd Marigold flashes on indigo sky Childrens’ waves and delight.   Pavement seeps blood Bodies fly Screams of exodus Pounding on doors Wild-eyed.   A boy tended by a mother Fed, dressed, educated. Crucial elements missing— empathy and tolerance.   These boys rise into men, tainted stalks,  numb implements of hate.   … More Freedom’s night