Book Review — The Dangerous Bride by Lee Kofman

There are multiple layers to this book — it drew me in on so many levels. The author uses her own history to ask questions about love, relationships, monogamy and hidden desires. She bravely questions — why is monogamy seen as the most acceptable way to conduct a relationship, and what would happen if we … More Book Review — The Dangerous Bride by Lee Kofman

Cover Reveal – Stone Circle

Hello all, I’m delighted to reveal the cover of ‘Stone Circle’ as well as a definite publication date—December 2017. Those of you who know about my background in graphic design and painting will have an idea of just how annoying I would have been in finalising this image with the publisher. It captures the narrative…

Something lost

It was a black one-piece, low-cut with a drawstring, criss-crossed almost to the waist. The woman in the picture simmered. Lorena ran her finger down her paper silhouette. She felt a fierce need, her bathers with the sailor’s anchor and twee red belt seemed childish. She begged her Mum who frowned at the picture. ‘You … More Something lost