The Neighbour

Orange chrysanthemums drooped over the edge of the metal holder in the blazing sun. Larry sat on his knees, bit his lip and stroked the grass. ‘Where are you now, Mum?’ he whispered. He knew part of her was beneath him in an urn. The part he’d found flat on her back in front of … More The Neighbour

The Two Healers

Johann Bock had a gift. From the time he was a tow-headed boy with spindly legs he had spread love like a crop duster, lifting the spirits of everyone he met. Sometimes all it took was a gentle glance and some well-placed words. Other times a tight hug and motivational speech. It all depended on … More The Two Healers

The Dunes

A single egg separated to form them. Yet Tamasine and Orla had rarely been apart. Once her twin met the boy, Orla spent more time alone. He was heavyset with the air of someone ready for a fight. Tamasine said she felt safe with him. ‘That’s because he’s scary,’ said Orla, eyes narrowed. ‘You’re safe … More The Dunes