Horatio was almost too big for the tank she’d purchased. His scaly bulk pressed against the glass, his golden eyes flashed as he undulated. His scales were green with flecks of metallic blue. Tara sat on her bed, watching him. The flat was silent, save for the loud tick of the kitchen clock. Her ex … More Reptilian

The Letters

In the lounge room of his parents’ house, embers glowed in the fireplace. Adam balled up some newspaper and dropped it into the grate, along with some twigs. A log sat at the back, a charcoal crescent in its centre. He watched the fire take hold, flames blue at their heart, the yellow edges licked … More The Letters

The Line

Nasra shuffled forwards in the line. The linoleum squeaked under her rubber soles. On her hip, the weight of her somnolent daughter. In her hand, her passport. The sour smell of body odour mingled with disinfectant. A disembodied voice blared from a speaker. She caught snatches of words she knew.    Her dress was damp between … More The Line