Just Looking for Love

There was a special pocket on the inside of his frayed backpack. It contained two bent cigarettes, a box of matches and folded sheets of song lyrics. Many years before, Gabe’s song ‘Just Looking for Love’ had played on the radio. He stood at the kitchen window holding a sponge as the riffs sent waves of … More Just Looking for Love

A Small Kindness

The psychologist said ‘Stop and think’ as a catchall piece of advice when driving. Greg sat in the car, parked in the street. The houses were all beige brick with uniform windows that stared. Perhaps there were people behind the glass, wondering why he had been there for an hour. Magpies squawked from the scraggy … More A Small Kindness

The Laboratory

Little one If you took a breath and exhaled, that was about the time it took for Nadine’s toddlerhood to be over. Her mother’s hand stroking her hair, puréed apple and soft toys arranged like a fortress on her bed. Nadine remembered the wails of other children who came to play, the furtive conversations of her mother and … More The Laboratory