The Memory Tree

When the truck rolled into the drive, there was nowhere to go. I remained still and steadfast, as I had done for one hundred years. I had witnessed many things. From the time I was a vigorous sapling, the world around me had provided entertainment. Lovers scaled my branches and sat entwined in the flat … More The Memory Tree

Tractor Love

Every night the bottom sheet came loose from the mattress and gathered around his thighs. Henke had never made a bed until three months before. His wife, Gertrud, had swung her red leather case down from the top of the cupboard, folded her clothes inside and bid him farewell. Her expression had been resolute, her … More Tractor Love

The Chess Game

It started small. The nudges against her father’s control, his put downs and criticisms. His expectation she would mould to his will like clay. Olga watched him teach her brother chess. Of course, her father made sure he never won. The pieces click-clacked against the board and her brother glowed under the sun of his … More The Chess Game