The Hospice

At the window, dawn rays caressed Damien’s face. His lips were twisted at an angle and his arms hung limp over the sides of the wheelchair. Dark hair sprouted from his scalp in disordered clumps. The bedside clock read 8:58. Nurse Horrid, or Holloway on her name badge, arrived each morning at nine o’clock. Damien … More The Hospice

Brother Sister

‘Brother Sister’ was the third music festival Issy had attended in two months. Soren had promised a sun machine would make the grass golden, they would be enlightened and the vibes of the festival would change not only them, but the whole world. Issy was sceptical. ‘Soren, there’s no such thing as a sun machine, … More Brother Sister

Page Three

Ross Hamilton filled the position of photographer at the town rag, ‘The Strickland Spectator.’ He was fresh out of a three-month course at the church hall, taken alongside elderly residents keen to escape their houses. His Minolta had a few dings on the edges but was otherwise in fine condition. ‘You look sexy with that thing … More Page Three