The Tabanac Tearooms

Jude was never late. Every day, he dialled a special telephone number to check the time and made sure his watch complied. On the morning of his date with Susan he examined his watch. The second hand flew around the face and the time was correct. He studied his reflection in the hall mirror—his jaunty … More The Tabanac Tearooms


Bassima shook her brother’s shoulder, her head bent close to his ear. ‘Nasur! Wake up. It’s too early to sleep.’ The boy groaned and rolled onto his back, opening one eye. His skin had a grey cast and the other eye was sealed closed with an infection. ‘What is it? I was dreaming of Homs. … More Shatila

The Set

It was difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when Toby’s set fell apart. He had been drinking, but not so much that he couldn’t stand up. There was minimal swaying and some slurring. Yet laughter came and washed over him like the most refreshing of waves. The large crowd sat at round tables, nursing their … More The Set