The Tree and the Sky

It took Marcus six tries. He threw the rope as high as his strength allowed, only to see it tumble to the bleached grass below in a tangled heap. The fig tree cast long shadows, its thick branches extending out, concealed in places by dense leaves. On the final try the rope looped over the … More The Tree and the Sky

Kyoto Kitchen

It was the final appointment. The therapist held up a hand mirror to her face and the reflection staring back reminded Gillian of ironing. Specifically, her silk nightgown, criss-crossed with creases when removed from the washing machine, smooth and lustrous when the ironing lady returned it. ‘Well then, what do you think?’ asked the woman … More Kyoto Kitchen


Amrita was standing at the stove when someone grabbed her ponytail and yanked hard. She dropped the bread dough on the counter and swivelled around, meeting Madam El-Sheikh’s crazed black eyes, outlined in heavy kohl. Her employer pinned her hand against the wall, her nails digging into Amrita’s wrist. She reeked of neroli perfume, her … More Arabia

The Fortress

Two years in therapy had done nothing. In the end, Zac decided to keep his own counsel, withdrawing into himself. The nights were the worst—he gripped the sheets, drenched in sweat, his mind spinning in circles as he viewed the scene. The steel pressed against his temple as he knelt, his grimace as he stared … More The Fortress