Happy New Year

The children reached for the unlit Catherine Wheels. Constellations of stars streaked the sky above them. Freya’s wheel was green and blue with a wooden handle. She dashed across the lawn with it, her skirt flying. A sizzling sound erupted from behind. She turned and saw her mother light the fireworks with a long match. … More Happy New Year


Yeshi had once been Frances. The old name no longer felt part of her. She did not think of it, her flat in Islington, or her ex-husband. There were photographs in a lacquer box beneath her altar table. Their edges were curled, their colour faded. Her attendant Dolkar knocked on the door, peeking around the … More Emptiness


It was his favourite jacket. Distressed brown leather, supple and buttery. Jana held it in front of the wardrobe, a smile curved on her lips. A mania gripped her and she seized his shoes, shirts and trousers, letting them fall to the floor. A satisfying pile of his things mounted at her feet. She remembered … More Perception

The Oracle

The Man He likes to hear the resonance of his voice. In between impassioned speeches, he practises in front of the mirror in the bleached whiteness of his bathroom. The inflection and tone must be right. He stiffens his hair with product, buttons a crisp blue shirt and stands on the corner. His posture is … More The Oracle