The Hunters

It was late afternoon when the dark gold sun went beneath the tree line. Jules gathered twigs and formed her name on the ground. A kookaburra gave a crazed laugh and she smelt the fresh scent of gum leaves. The vegetation was dense around her—ferns, gumtrees, and yellow flowering wattle. The panic in her chest … More The Hunters

Trial and Error

The electrodes on their foreheads emitted a faint buzzing sensation. They lay in a sterile room, on beds with wheels, like hospital gurneys. The lights were dimmed to an orange glow. On one side was a two-way mirror—they could sense the people behind, watching them. The only sound was the erratic tick of an electric … More Trial and Error

Paola the Psychic

Another email arrived from Paola the Psychic, containing a free reading. Talia was bored so she opened it. She sat at the kitchen table, brushing chip crumbs from her stained tracksuit bottoms. The image of Paola showed a woman with lustrous dark hair and angular cheekbones. Her head was tilted to the side, her red … More Paola the Psychic

The Professor

Her long arm was draped over his chest, and her hair tickled his nose. It was almost midday, and a shaft of bright sunlight beamed through a gap in the curtains. Her index finger traced his bicep. ‘You’re beautifully made. I’m lucky, so lucky you want to be with me. Talented too.’ Her lips brushed … More The Professor

Stand Still

At family get-togethers, Benny took his camera. Everyone expected it. There he would be, at the table as the candles were blown out, his mouth split open in a grimace as he urged the birthday child to smile. At the barbecue, encouraging the men to lift their beer bottles and clap each other on the … More Stand Still